How it works

Bulod is an exclusive membership program for nature loving individuals and organizations.

Spend time with nature

You get 2 to 3 days access every month to tent pitching areas with basic facilities that are equipped with solar power for electricity and biogas for cooking.

Farm to table dining

You get to have a free plant-based dining depending on what’s available in the garden during your stay. 

Supporting livelihood of communities

Your monthly contribution will help fund farmers and workers within the community. 

Get a share of the harvest

As an extra benefit, members will get 30% share of the harvest and other potential revenue (if any).

“Bulod” is a community program by Komunidad – a tech social impact company with innovative community programs.  The program aims to empower the livelihood of rural communities by creating innovative collaborations that connect them with nature loving individuals and organizations.

The Collaboration

You get access to a piece of paradise (a natural space) and a few benefits for only a small amount of membership fee. The people living in those communities will get work opportunities for the operations and other business activities.

You’ll take care of them, and they’ll take care of you.

Funding & Operations

We have set a standard 6-month funding phase for every natural space listed in our program before the start of its operations. During this phase, the needed funds to operate for a year will be posted and membership registration will be open.

Bulod’s Role

Bulod’s role is to manage the memberships and oversee the operations of the natural space ensuring a smooth collaboration. As a member, you will get access to Bulod’s web portal to get regular updates & reports, accommodation booking, events & activities, security & safety information, payments and more.

Pick a membership that fits you! You may proceed to the “Register” section of this website to submit your membership application. We have a standard evaluation process to ensure that members are aligned with the values of our small community. Our team will contact you to get more information to start the evaluation process.

For as low as P800+ monthly, you will get an exclusive membership and access to our unique natural spaces. Members make a commitment within the funding period of their preferred space and pay P10,000 annual fee in advance during the collection period. 


Individual Membership

A Business Member will need to register group members and a space will be provided for their activities aligned with our cause. Business Members will make a commitment within the funding period of their preferred space and pay the annual fee in advance during the collection period. Please contact us for more information. We can design custom programs for your business or organization.



Please contact us if you would like to list your unique natural space in our platform. We have a creative and innovative team to help you explore the possibilities. 



We conduct a standard 6-month funding phase for every listed space in our platform. In our 1st space at Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines, the funding phase is from June 15, 2020 to December 15, 2020  and commitments will be collected within December 16, 2020 to December 22, 2020.  We cannot provide any information about the individual member funders for data privacy and security purposes. The full operations will start January 2, 2021.

Member Status

  • Registered
  • Available

As of June 29, 2020 there are 27 approved members and 93 member slots remaining in the program.

Funding Status

  • Funding Needed
  • Commitment

As of June 29, 2020 we have 270,000 PHP commitment and 930,000 PHP remaining to complete the funding.

In every space, Bulod has coordination with Barangay and local organizations to ensure safety and security of everyone. A standard procedure is implemented before and after you visit our space.

Modern tools are also developed and implemented by Bulod such as:

  • Weather & natural disaster early warning system (Web & Mobile)
  • Online Chat Group

Transportation and emergency kits are also available such as:

  • One (1) reserve car/vehicle
  • First aid kit
  • Fire prevention equipment
  • Water safety equipment
  • Emergency cabin

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